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Regarding CJCU Library’s Discovery & Delivery Service

  • Provides Google-like single search interface engine. Fast in searching school's resources, and can divide resources into categories and can also guide users to the origin of the resources.

  • The search allow users to combine keywords with operators such as “AND”, “OR”, and “NOT” to further produce more relevant results (Boolean search). Users can also use the double quotes [ ” ” ] symbol for more accurate search. Search history and selected items can be automatically placed in a folder or My Documents without any saving documents action. If you want to cancel the selected item, then click again the selected item.
  • Log in first to your personal account:

  • Profile account can be edited from the setting
  • Manage your book list storage and personal bookshelf
  • View books that you've borrowed, make a reservation and renewal the book's returning date.
  • • Private search feedback

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